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CONSUMER REQUEST TO CHANGE INFORMATION ON FILE MAP751k (E) 11/13/2012 Case Name: Case Number: CHANGE REQUESTS REQUIRING DOCUMENTATION Name: from to Date of Birth: for from to Gender Information: for
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light piano music - Beth Were here in theSmithsonian American Art Museum looking at a painting byJaune Quick-To-See Smith called State Names And you immediately recognize the outline of the United States but at the same time that map is obscured and made difficult to read So its at once recognizableand not recognizable - Anne Something thatSmith does in her work is she works with these icons these images that areinstantly recognizable But what she does with themis then she adds a twist And so she describes heruse of icons as a ploy as something that brings the viewer closer and they think they knowwhat theyre going to see And then once theyre theresomething else happens - Beth There are a lot of state names that are indicated here in this type thats large and feels very educational But some are clearly missing - Anne Some of the namesthat are present are obscured And then some of the names of the states are miss altogether And so one of the questionsthat often comes up fairly soon after you start to engage with this work is why do we see the names of some states but not other states State Names is a workabout the etymology of the names of US states So the states that areremaining in the work these are the names of states that come from indigenous sources The states that have been removed those are names thathave European origins - Beth The outlines of thestates are largely obscured - Anne Names are missing boundaries are obscuredtheres dripping paint You get a sense that what were looking at is a contested space in a lot of ways And so when you see the dripping paint what does that evoke Is it blood Is it tears Is something melting - Beth And were remindedthat these state boundaries are not ones that were at all relevant to Native American peoples - Anne It does reinforce how arbitrary those boundaries are Smith has said that hermaps are points of departure for the politicaltreatment of Native people And shes also said that shecannot say strongly enough that her maps are about stolen lands - Beth When I think aboutthe map of the United States I tend to read it the way I learned it in elementary school from right to left From the settling of the Eastern Seaboard to thirteen colonies andthen westward expansion So Im immediately partof a historical narrative that looks back to Manifest Destiny - Anne Even the term westward expansion is asserting a particular point of view Is it westward expansionor is it eastern invasion Smith has said that she likes to use maps because maps can tell stories So what stories are being told Whos telling the stories Shes interested intelling a particular story from a particular point of view So Smith has been a leading contemporary American artist since the 1970s And she works in a variety of media Smith is an enrolled member of the ConfederatedSalish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Nation She began making maps for exhibitions that were responding to theColumbus Quincentennial in 1992 - Beth So directlyrelated to...